Infortrend EonStor series

Direct Attached Storage Solutions

The EonStor DS SAS-host Series is designed to help SMB users implement high-reliability DAS storage solutions with outstanding throughput. With 6Gb/s or 3Gb/s SAS technology, users can enjoy high-performance and cost-effective systems and meet the needs of high-availability applications. In addition to fault-tolerant hardware design, EonStor DS features comprehensive data service features, including local  replication. The EonStor DS SAS systems are an ideal choice for SMBs to deploy high-performance DAS configurations while staying within limited budgets.

EonStor DS solutions are ranging from 4 to 24 hard drives offering a capacity of up to 72TB per unit (24 x 3TB). Eonstor DS are available for either 3,5" HDDs or 2,5" HDDs and support both S-ATA and SAS drives that can even been mixed inside the same unit.

Through SAS expansion ports, each EonStor DS storage system can connect with robust and high-density expansion enclosures to provide a maximum capacity of 144 SAS drives. The incremental approach of capacity scaling effectively satisfies growing application needs while reducing wasted upfront investment.

Product Choices

  • EonStor DS SAS to 3,5" SAS Series
  • EonStor DS SAS to 2,5" SAS Series
  • EonStor DS SAS/iSCSI hybrid to 3,5" SAS Series

Infortrend Eonstor DS family