Perennity software

Backup & Archiving

Perennity ArchivePerennity Archive edition offers a flexible toolkit to automate CD, DVD or BluRay output from any application. Use Perennity to archive and keep track of critical business data like scanned invoices, CAD & prepress projects, CCTV, legal records, …

We also offer advanced features like encryption, compression and checksums to ensure data integrity. Perennity Centera edition is a cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution for EMC Centera with output to BluRay or other backup media.

Medical Imaging

Perennity DicomPerennity Dicom edition offers a turnkey solution for radiology departments to output medical images from any DICOM modality or PACS to CD, DVD or BluRay using a robot. You may decide to keep all images for archiving purposes and access them from your Dicom workstations. Perennity Dicom can also be used for off-line archiving of medical images, a cost-effective alternative to PACS. The Perennity Dicom Uploader allows uploading of Dicom CDs to PACS using a robot.

Audio & Video

Perennity AudioThe Perennity Audio Extractor is a powerful solution to automate the upload of Audio CDs to hard disk using a CD robot. Audio tracks may be extracted to various formats (WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, …), with a choice of compression levels (or lossless). Perennity also downloads information (song, album, CD cover picture, …) and embeds it in the audio file. Perennity Archive edition can be used to automate archiving of audio & video assets to CD, DVD or BluRay using a robot.