Worldwide leader of the disc publishing market, Rimage offers a complete ranges of CD, DVD and more recently BluRay autoloaders to automate both recording and labelling using state-of-the-art themal transfer technology. If you are looking for a heavy duty disc production solution working 24h/24h 7d/7d, the Rimage Producer IV series will be the right product range for you. If you need to produce medium to low volume of discs, the more cost effective Rimage Professional series will suit your needs. Looking for a pure CD, DVD, BluRay copier, copying not only the content of the discs but also reproducing the label of the original CD, the Rimage CopyStation is the best solution.

If Rimage solutionshave formerly be designedfor pure CD publishing to distribute data like software, audio and video, Rimagehas found new applications for its autoloaders likeautomated off-line archiving using Perennity Archive, audio CD extraction thanks to Perennity Audio Extractor, ingestion of evidence discs for Policedepartments, the Rimage EDS solution.

Rimage finds also multiple applications in the Medical Imaging Industry to automate the output or upload of DICOM Patient discs (e.g. using Perennity DICOM edition).


EPSON Disc Publisher

Epson’s Discproducers are the advanced desktop publishers and printeryou can rely on. Built with Epson’s world-renowned robotics and printing technologies, they can print and burn up to 100 customized discs on demand. And they have all the features you need from their vibrant six-color inkjet printer and precision AcuGrip™ technology to their easy-to-use software and unmatched reliability. Discproducers are available in four different publishing models: two standard, one network and one network security, plus a print-only version, the Discproducer Autoprinter.

Microboards Duplicators

Quality is the important factor when purchasing a CD/DVD duplicator, you should take care to select a model which uses only the best quality drives and controller since the failure rate of cheaper components can be unacceptably high. With this in mind make sure you only purchase a Microboards branded tower or autloader as this will ensure that you only receive the very best in quality.